Philippe Isler Psychological Services
Counselling and Psychotherapy

Philippe Isler, MA
Registered Psychologist

Are you seeking help to deal with, to manage, or even to resolve the underlying causes of problems such as:
Relationship issues
Trauma & PTSD

Or are you seeking support and counselling to deal with stressors or a transition in your work life or personal life?

Or maybe you need "coaching" help to resolve obstacles to being successful in whatever way it is important to you to be successful?

In fact, you may not even have a label or a name for the help you are seeking; you just want to talk out some concerns you have, or some problem feelings or behaviours.

In any of these cases, I am happy to meet with you to discuss your situation and your needs.

Human life is sometimes described as a "journey of learning."  The problems and challenges that bring people to counselling and psychotherapy can frequently be seen on this level, as "problems of living."  Obstacles, problems and issues are not personal failings; they are opportunities to learn, to develop, and sometimes to heal -- in other words, to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I see people in two locations        

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT TAKING ANY NEW CLIENTS IN HALIFAX AT THIS TIME                                                                

Halifax: Kentville:

5539A Young St.

Halifax, NS

10 Webster St.
Suite 209
Kentville, NS

You can contact me to discuss whether I am the right person to see you for your concerns
by email:
by phone: (902) 690-7540
To book an appointment you can call my booking service: (902) 463-0552




Logosynthesis: Healing with Words

Logosynthesis is a simple yet transformative method of guided change, which will radically alter your ideas about the change process itself. Logosynthesis facilitates profound and sustainable change in patterns of thinking, behaviour and feeling.


 Logosynthesis Basic Training

3-Day training for practitioners

April 27, 28, 29 2018

Halifax, NS

More information here