I offer the following workshops, groups and presentations:

Workshops for the general public:

  • Mindfulness-Based Breathing and Focusing Skills for Depression and Anxiety
  • Introduction to Logosynthesis for Self-Use
  • Resolving Negative Beliefs in Your Relationship with Money
  • Transformational Change

I offer a variety of group processes, at various times, according to interest and demand. Please inquire or sign up for my e-mail list to be advised of groups as they are offered.

some groups are weekly, two hour sessions over 8 or 10 weeks

at times, I offer a monthly, full day therapy group.

I also offer full weekend workshops which allows deeper work and a more intensive process.

For guided change professionals:

  • Logosynthesis: Energy Healing with Words
  • The Heart of the Therapist: Developing Presence and Intuition As Therapeutic Skills
  • Integrating Energy Psychology Methods in Trauma Therapy